Inward Bound - 30x30" Framed Original Art
Inward Bound - 30x30" Framed Original Art
Inward Bound - 30x30" Framed Original Art
Inward Bound - 30x30" Framed Original Art
Inward Bound - 30x30" Framed Original Art

Inward Bound - 30x30" Framed Original Art

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30x30" Framed Original Fine Art

A testament to the vibrance of the present moment. 

  • Original, one-of-a-kind mixed media art
  • Heavy body acrylic and ink on 30x30" wood panels
  • Framed by the artist in a maple floating frame 
  • Note that all works will be signed by the artist, Brooke Hirsheimer before shipping
  • If you’d like to collect a set of both introverted and extroverted pieces (details about the collection below) of the same size, please reach out to and I can offer a 10% price adjustment. 


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I’m one little artist with two little hands packing each order with love and care. Please allow up to 2 weeks for me to fulfill your order prior to shipping. 

All sales of original painting(s) and commission painting(s) are final. 

About the Nourishment Collection

What inspired the Nourishment collection?

I left my traditional public relations job in November to pursue art full-time. I am loving every step of the adventure but as an extrovert, I struggled with transitioning from working with my lovely coworkers to spending all day alone in my studio. I’m exploring all the ways we dudes find energy both from being around people and also on our own. These reflections inspired this collection about introversion and extroversion. 

Which pieces are the extroverted pieces?

Little Dudes dominate the extroverted pieces with very few color swipes woven throughout the piece. The Little Dudes in the extroverted piece derive their energy from being around each other with way less need for time recharging alone, represented by the sparse color swipes. They are in active poses buzzing with energy from being around other dudes. 

Which pieces are the introverted pieces?

The introverted pieces have color swipes dominating the composition. The color swipes represent the vibrant world that introverted dudes enter when they spend time on their own—they may recharge while reading a good book, knitting, or going for a solo run. There are only a few dudes in these pieces, each in their own little pockets surrounded by the color. They are in active poses to represent the energy they derive from being alone. 

Why did you call the collection “Nourishment”?

An 85-year-long Harvard study recently found that close relationships are the most important factor in long-term health and happiness. I thought about how we eat vitamin-rich meals, and seek sunlight and fresh air to live a long healthy life. We need to better understand how close relationships can also nourish us. I wanted to explore all the ways we dudes recharge and find energy from being around other people and on our own. 

What is the top takeaway you want people to feel from this collection?

Extroversion and introversion are a fluid spectrum. Very few of us are 100% introverted or extroverted. This collection is an invitation to move freely between both worlds and find the perfect balance that works for you. In certain contexts, you may like to be surrounded by your most trusted people. In other contexts, you may derive the most energy from spending time with yourself. Finding the right balance is a profound form of Nourishment.