Brooke Hirsheimer
X Little Dude

It all began with Mont Blanc and a sketch pad


Little Dude now has collectors in over 20 countries.

Meet Brooke Hirsheimer, the artist behind Little Dude


Brooke began her career in science communications in Switzerland, where she spent weekends hiking in the Alps. During these hikes, she started sketching Little Dude in a notebook, capturing the humorous feeling of being small and anonymous amidst the vast landscapes.


Life felt like it needed an extra pop of color so Brooke started folding in bright textured paint, building abstract landscapes for Little Dude to explore.


Little Dude won the hearts and minds of adventurers around the world and Brooke left her career at World Wildlife Fund to pursue art full time. She remains committed to highlighting the inextricable link between humans and a thriving natural world through her art.